Do You Know These People? Orphaned, Nameless Photographs

These photos were all found in Meigs County, Ohio.  I believe in the Pomeroy area.  Sadly there are no identifications or written clues to help identify who these people are.  If you think you know any of these people, please feel free to comment or e-mail me at        


Italian Vital Records – How to Know What You are Reading if You Don’t Speak Italian – Part One

The Italian Antenati is a great website for researching birth, marriage, and death records for your Italian and Sicilian ancestors.  These old records are in the old quill and ink format, but they are also in Italian.  Learning some of the key words and the format of the birth, marriage, and death records, helps you… Continue reading Italian Vital Records – How to Know What You are Reading if You Don’t Speak Italian – Part One

Postcards from Spain

Recently I had the opportunity to go through a family treasure trove of pictures and other items of genealogical interest.  What fun that always is as you never know what you will find.  This particular box belonged to my grandmother who passed many years ago. I want to share one of my very favorite finds… Continue reading Postcards from Spain

Family Genealogy – Orphaned Items

I have some poor, sad, little orphaned documents looking for their families.  Listed by surname below: AYERS, Daisy - DeWitt Public School certificates from 1891 and 1892.  These have become fragile with age (but legible) so I will scan them for you if Daisy is on your family tree. BURSCH, Arhur J. - I have… Continue reading Family Genealogy – Orphaned Items

Libby Family of Abington, Massachusetts

Herbert Roscoe Libby of Abington, Massachusetts, was my great grandfather.  He was born on February 22, 1880 in Turner Maine to George Herbert Libby and Rosanna Ellen Pollard.  Herbert had two siblings; a sister, Rosanna C., and a brother, Linus Ezekial.  Herbert Roscoe Libby (1880 - 1949) In 1903, Herbert married Elsena Wilson Cobbett of… Continue reading Libby Family of Abington, Massachusetts

Craig E. Jones – Orphaned Photo

Craig E. Jones - March 8, 1939 - 2 yrs. 2 mos. Back side of the photograph This photograph was found in an antique mall in Melbourne, Florida.  As you can see this little fella is looking pretty happy in this picture.   What I think I know after researching a bit online: As stated on… Continue reading Craig E. Jones – Orphaned Photo

Wanted !

I am looking to obtain a copy of the following book: Title:  Santo Stefano di Briga nella luce della storia, dell'arte e del folclore: dalle origini fino ai nostri giorni Author:  Placido Andriolo Published:  1974,  196 pages If you have a copy, access to a copy or a lead on where I can obtain a copy,… Continue reading Wanted !

Solomon D. Williams – 105th Ohio Infantry Regiment – Civil War Soldier

I am looking for any information or even better, a photograph of my daughter's fourth great grandfather, Solomon D. Williams.  Here's what I "think" I know about him.  It would be great to hear from anyone that might have Solomon on their family tree. Solomon D. (Dexter) Williams was born on October 5, 1818 in… Continue reading Solomon D. Williams – 105th Ohio Infantry Regiment – Civil War Soldier

The Last Ravida……………..

In this post, I would like to share a personal experience that transpired while doing genealogical research on my Ravida family tree in 2017. My maternal grandmother, Rose Ravida Pellegrino, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1916.  She was the oldest child and daughter of Antonino Ravida and Mary Christina Blom Ravida.  She was to… Continue reading The Last Ravida……………..